KC Remodel and Garden Show Presentation - 2/13/16
Click Here to see the Power Point Presentation I did at the KC Remodel and Garden Show!

Online Organization Resources
The Container Store - Awesome selection of storage for all rooms.

The Macbeth Collection - Home storage and organization with high design.

Stacks and Stacks - Storage and organizational pr
Junk Mail and Catalogs
Catalog Choice - A free service company that allows you to choose which catalogs you receive in the mail.
Remove yourself from the mailing lists.

Private Rights ClearinghouseThe right to privacy refers to having control over this personal information. It is the ability to limit who has this information, how this information is kept and what can be done with it.
Donations and Charities

Big Brother Big Sisters/Savers - http://www.savers.com/where-to-donate.aspx

Recycling Centers -www.recyclingcenters.org
Junk Hauling - 1-800-Got Junk
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